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Welcome to the Springfield Wagon Company, originally established in Springfield, Missouri
in 1873. In 1941 the Phipps Lumber Company
bought The Springfield Wagon Company and 

moved it to Fayetteville  Arkansas where it continued in business until 1951, when a lack of demand brought an end to production.












We believe this to be the last large original wagon manufacturing company to go out of business 
and there were hundreds, if not thousands of them. Remember, wagons were the modern day 
equivalent of pick up trucks.

The essentials of a high grade wagon are the same today as they were a hundred years ago,
the very best materials and quality workmanship. In the 1915 catalog was printed the following 
statement. "We have embodied in the construction many distinctive features, each of them so 
essential as to place the Springfield Wagon in a class by itself."
We are building a few Springfield Wagons by special order only




FOR SALE - Restored Springfield manufactured around the turn of the century. 38 inch box, 3 1/4 skein size, 48 inch back wheels, 40 1/2 inch front wheels. New floor, new brake shoes, and new seat springs. This wagon is very old as it has hand forged metal parts. Ready to hook to your team.





Restored Springfield running gear. 42 inch back wheels, with a 42 inchbolster spread.
New tongue, front axle, and reach. New brake blocks withpads that will make your brake blocks last practically forever. New doubletree, single trees, and neck yoke available at an extra cost. Sharp looking
running gear.

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Pontiac Spring Wagon from around 1900. Comes
with two horse tongue.




1903 (Approxitmate) Pontiac Spring Wagon. Totally rebuilt wheels, new box,
 seat and springs. Beautifully pin striped. A real eye catcher.


"original Bain Ad".

Beautifully and authentically restored Bain wagon. Mfg. around the turn of
the century. This wagon is a show piece and is an example of the beautiful
and ornate pin striping wagon companies did in the early days. This type of
pin striping fell by the way in later years as the competition grew and
wagon companies looked for ways to cut prices on their wagons in order to be
more competitive. The Bain wagon company had its inception in 1840 when the
business was established as a partnership under the name Mitchell Wagon
Works. By 1852 Edward Bain had assumed control of the wagon factory. Bain
Wagon Company became the largest wagon manufacturer in the world and was
know for its excellent product. Bain was in business for  over 50 years.
This is a 3 1/2 inch wagon (skein size) with a 38 inch box and 52 inch back
wheels. Original patterns from the old wagon were used. The box is
completely new using the iron work from the original wagon. New tongue, new
spring seat, and new double tree and single trees. Ready for display or to
hook your team to. $19,500.00








SNAKE OIL WAGON - $19,500.00


FOR SALE - SNAKE OIL WAGON – Brand new and built in our shop. This design is a standard delivery wagon used in the wagon days for all kinds of delivery. Rides quiet and easy setting on springs and rubber tires. You can slide the sign out and put in a new one saying whatever you like. Great for advertising your business. Has a spring seat and curtains to keep the blowing rain out. Comes with a double tree and single trees ready to hook your team to.









This is a very very old wagon. Unknown maker as there never was a name on the side boards. This old wagon still had a lot of paint and pin striping and we felt the original condition needed to be preserved. It was very dirty and we cleaned it with a special cleaner and them put a special protective coating on it that brought out the original colors. We made minor repairs and had to put a new tongue on it as the original was broken. 48 inch back wheels, and 40 inch front wheels.
Selling as we found it with no seat, double tree, single trees, or stay chains. These can be added for an additional cost. Would make a great chuck wagon or museum piece. Own a piece of very old wagon history. $4,500.00

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